About Prince Hotel

For three decades and more, long before Kutch became a major tourist destination, a young man decided that the time had come to be a home to a truly world class Hotel. World class not in term of size but world class in terms of amenities and comfort. To that believe was added a tradition of Kutchi Hospitality, unique in the entire world. And thus Hotel Prince was born in the heart of the bustling city, minutes away from the fort and the business and shopping district of Bhuj. Today history repeats itself with Hotel Prince Residency, a generous new Hotel, strategically at the junction of the airport Highway and a tree-lined avenue that leads into the heart of the city. Both hotels continue that one great tradition that sets the Prince group apart from every other Hotel not only in Kutch but all in Gujarat.

The Prince hotel is a 44 room property situated at a very strategic location that is the station road which is very much near to the airport and as well as the railway station thus making it convenient for the business travelers as well the tourists.

All the rooms are elegant, sophisticated, ethnic and well furnished as per the atmosphere and the environment of the area (i.e. Kutch). It is situated in the city of Bhuj which is famous on one hand for its heritage and pilgrimage structures and this hotel on the other hand, it is also the major business center of the Kutch. Although it is situated in the city of Bhuj it has been able to create a niche in the field of 3 star hotels all over the kutch region. It is considered to be the Gem of Kutch.